A simulator for the auxiliary telescope motor control system (ATMCS CSC).

Using lsst.ts.ATMCSSimulator

The package is compatible with LSST DM’s scons build system and eups package management system. Assuming you have the basic LSST DM stack installed you can do the following, from within the package directory:

  • setup -r . to setup the package and dependencies.
  • scons to build the package and run unit tests.
  • scons install declare to install the package and declare it to eups.
  • package-docs build to build the documentation. This requires documenteer; see building single package docs for installation instructions.

With the package built and set up you can run the simulator using:


lsst.ts.ATMCSSimulator is developed at You can find Jira issues for this module using labels=ts_ATMCSSimulator.

Python API reference

lsst.ts.ATMCSSimulator Package


ATMCSCsc([initial_state]) Simulator for auxiliary telescope motor control system CSC.
Axis An enumeration.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lsst.ts.ATMCSSimulator.mcs_csc.ATMCSCsc, lsst.ts.ATMCSSimulator.mcs_csc.Axis

Version History